Eloquence – A Treasury of Speechwriting Advice

EloquenceCover‘Punching your speaker should be a last resort’ – this is just one piece of advice you’ll find in my new book, Eloquence – A Treasury of Speechwriting Advice, published by the UK Speechwriters’ Guild.

To put it in a bit of further context, I talk about how being moderately abrasive as a speechwriter can be useful. When interviewing your speaker, they’re often vague about what they want to say. I don’t put it like this in the book, but piss them off and they’ll engage brain. You can always soothe them later.

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The Sad Story of the Eurosceptics


I’ve just finished compiling a new book, Eloquence – A Treasury of Speechwriting Advice.

We have the UK referendum on our continued membership of the European Union this year. I’m in favour of staying in. But it’s up to us ‘inners’ to make the case. So I’ve been mulling over Drew Westen’s Elements of Creating a Compelling Political Narrative which is summarised on p55.

‘it should be a story…that could be illustrated in a children’s book’

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