It’s an important year for political wordsmiths – we’ll have the American Presidential elections and the British referendum on Europe.Lady-Margaret-Hall

You are invited to the 12th conference of the European Speechwriter Network at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford from 13 -15 April 2016.

Our conferences offer a unique way to understand the challenges of writing speeches by spending three days in the company of some of the top speechwriters in the world.

Pre-conference training will take place on the Wednesday. There are three options:

Rob Friedman, the former Senior Director of Executive Communications for the American-based pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly & Co will be running a workshop on Soup to nuts: craft speeches that persuade, motivate and inspire any audience – and get results.

Martin Shovel and Martha Leyton from CreativityWorks will be running a workshop on Style, Structure and Storytelling.

Former Scotland Yard hostage and negotiation trainer, Dick Mullender, will be running a workshop on Listening and Language Skills for Speechwriters

At the main conference the speakers will include:

The former controller of BBC drama production and the founder of the BBC Writers’ Academy, John Yorke, will be talking about how storytelling principles used in drama apply to business and politics.

Celebrity ghostwriter, Andrew Crofts, will be speaking about how he manages the dynamics of the relationship between author and ghostwriter.

Charles Crawford, the former UK ambassador to Sarajevo, Belgrade and Poland and author of Speechwriting for Leaders will give his views on risk-taking as a speechwriter.

Frank van Hoorn, from Shell, will be asking are speechwriters the elite special forces or the corporate lavatory attendants of the communications’ world?

Sarah Lynch, who handles communications within the Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union of the European Commission, will be telling us about the pitfalls of multilingual communication.

Rodger Evans from the Scottish Parliament will speak on what speechwriters can learn from their disappointments.

You can find out more and purchase a ticket here.

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