What Writing Letters Tells You About Our Politics

I’ve always been a keen letter writer. I had my first letter in The Times newspaper when I was 17. When I did a year abroad, I sent over 200 letters home to friends and family. I now publish a booklet every year and send it to friends and contacts with a written note every Christmas.

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A Speechwriters’ Notebook 2024

Do you have a taste for humorous and topical quotations?

Are you looking for a quirky gift for a professional writer or bookish person?

Do you want to get something inexpensive to thank a client?

If so, it’s time to purchase your copy of A Speechwriter’s Notebook 2024, Smart things you can put in a speech when inspiration runs dry, you’ve got no time, or the WI-FI is not working.

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Come to the Brilliant Communicators’ Conference

I’ve persuaded American writer and presentation trainer John Bowe, to come over to the UK from New York. He’s going to deliver a masterclass on public speaking at a conference I’m organising in London in the autumn.

John is the author of the book, I Have Something To Say, which describes his conversion from hard-boiled journalist to tireless public speaking evangelist.

This conference I’m planning has been six years in the making. Since 2009, I have been organising conferences for professional speechwriters from around the world. The most recent one was hosted in Brasenose College, Oxford. We got 96 delegates.

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My First Speechwriting Podcast with Rabbi Shais Taub

I live in Bournemouth. Philip Larkin ended up in Hull, I ended up in Bournemouth. It wasn’t really a conscious choice. But one aspect of this area has had a big influence on me.

If you’re brilliant at Latin and Greek in this country, they send you to Oxford or Cambridge. If you’re chronically addicted to heroin or alcohol, they send you to Bournemouth or Brighton.

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Get your copy in time for Christmas!

A Speechwriter’s Notebook 2023

Outlandish ideas to get your audiences to look up from their phones, scratch their heads and never see the world in the same way again

Publisher: UK Speechwriters’ Guild

ISBN: 978-0956322661

This is my latest book, the fruit of many years of collecting useful material for my speeches. You can order the book now, and I’ll do my best to get it to you before Christmas.

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My ten favourite insights into writing

1) Communication Requires Amplification

Good writing requires a lot of work. Advertising guru, Rory Sutherland, wrote: ‘The potency and meaningfulness of communication is in direct proportion to the costliness of its creation – the amount of pain, effort, talent (or failing that expensive celebrities or pricey TV airtime) consumed in its creation and distribution. This may be inefficient – but it’s what makes it work.’ Continue Reading