Why I spent £200 on a print I don’t like very much (and my wife hates)

I recently re-read Robert Cialdini’s book Pre-Suasion (Remember Cialdini? The Professor who wrote Influence) where he talks about designing our workspace with cues to support what we’re doing.

As he puts it: We have to become interior designers of our regular living spaces, furnish them with features that will send us unthinkingly in the directions we most want to go in those spaces.

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Back to Normality

These are weird historical times. I like to keep snapshots of how we’re managing transitions back to more ‘conventional’ reality.

On Sunday 19 September 2021, I spent the first night away from my family for over two years.

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Speech for Axel

There is a Jewish custom of writing an ethical will in which we convey our hopes and concerns to our children. I wrote a speech when my son, Leo, was born, expressing my hopes for his life. I’m doing the same for my second son, Axel, on his first day of school.

Axel, you’re going to school today. A big moment for your mum and dad, and for you.

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