How to record, retrieve and remember what inspires you
(rather than settling for digital oblivion)

Date of Publication: 3 May 2022

Pages: 24

Publisher: UK Speechwriters’ Guild

ISBN: 9780956322654


Ever since classical times, people have enriched their thinking by copying down quotations and learning passages from great literature by heart. In this booklet, a professional speechwriter updates the ancient art of commonplacing for the modern era. Instead of aimless browsing, we can train our minds to be more discriminating in what we consume. Brian Jenner explains how commonplacing can become a way of life, helping you become more knowledgeable, spontaneous, witty, creative and wise.

This slim volume is designed to be a gift for a young person who has just left school or university, a person who is looking to find new direction in life, or someone who works in the creative industries.

The author says:

“The trouble with modern life is that we can easily bury ourselves in blogs, box sets and books, but how much do we remember? Commonplacing is the antidote to distraction. It forces you to stop and reflect. The booklet explains the basic principles and includes lots of quotations from avid commonplacers on the benefits of the art.”

Engage Brain is published by UK Speechwriters’ Guild and is available in paperback £4.99 + £2.80 postage and packing on Amazon.

You can buy it in the UK through this website for £4.99 + £1.50 p&p if you email your address and can make a payment by BACS.

If you want to get a copy in Europe the cost is €10, including postage and packing. If you email your address, you can make a payment in Euros through IBAN.

Special offers for multiple copies are available.

About The Author:

Brian Jenner is the founder of the European Speechwriter Network and the UK Speechwriters’ Guild. He organises conferences for the world’s top speechwriters from the White House, the European Commission and many international organisations.

In his 20-year career, Brian Jenner has written speeches for a former Cabinet Minister, a Duke, a few Global CEOs, a Premiership footballer, not to mention dozens of best men and fathers of the bride.

Since 2003 he has specialised in short humorous books, including the best-selling Men & Collections. Brian is also the author of I’m Just Phoning to Chase My Invoice and The Bohemian who took up Bookkeeping. He ran the UK Ideal Death Show and Good Funeral Awards from 2011-2018. Since 2019, he has published A Christmas Stocking – an annual collection of highlights from his commonplace book.

Famous Commonplacers

Lord Baker (former Education Secretary), John Julius Norwich, Bob Monkhouse, Margaret Thatcher, Joan Rivers, Ronald Reagan, W H Auden, Alec Guinness, Lord Chartres (former Bishop of London), Aristotle Onassis, Peter Sutherland (former Chairman of BP).

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